Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood, New York


[cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]


Me: [makes really judgmental personal comment] but I mean do you; live your life.

“I don’t! I really don’t! Because my hair is short now and it’s a lot easier to just brush it. Also, you know, I think New York is one of those cities that feels worth dressing up for, if that makes any sense. I just feel like when I walk out onto the sidewalk in New York, I have to just try a little harder. It’s not like an extra hour at the gym. I read that somewhere and I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’”


The cast of Heathers being adorable little shits at their final curtain call on August 4, 2014

And then there’s the Heathers… they just float above it all.

our love is god

farewell and goodbye to heathers: the musical, which will play it’s last show off-broadway today, august 4th, 2014, after 17 previews and 175 regular performances. congrats to the cast on a very very run!


okay guys this is my last one I promise